Today is the 7th day HANUKKAH LIGHT.
Our paratchat is from Numbers: 7:48-59
Hanukkah symbolizes the spiritual light of unity, love and It charges us with its omnipresent energy as we desired to  win the war of freedom in our homes, families, communities and nations.
The war at Hanukkah is an inner war on the barrier between the corporeal and spiritual worlds.
When we persevere in the struggle to unite above our differences, then our differences strengthen our unity to overcome the wish of the enemy.
We must strive to be patriotic in defense of our families, land and nation as JUDAS MACCEBEES did in HANUKKAH  in defense of truth  While under attack, we must re-strategies and  keep fighting with all we’ve got and with the last drop of our blood, yet with even without victory in sight, we can never  give up, because giving up means becoming slave as we were regarded today even in our nation.
Therefore, we should use this Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, to ignite the positive light that the world needs from us: the light of unity and love above the growing divisiveness. Respect and Unity is what we need to defeat the division within and among us.
We must refrain from hate and division, ego and the love of materialism will always pull us down as we remain in a mental slavery.
The essence of Hanukkah remembrance is stay united in one love, focus and be patriotic in defense of our families, land and our nations over  invaders, mischief makers  and slavery.
May we use this Hanukkah to realize our role to unite and be a positive example of unity to humanity, and become modern-day Maccabees who win the war over tyranny and oppressors? As we step into the new week SHABBAT SHALOM.

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