Its a non governmental organization(NGO) that was founded by GOD himself in a miraculous situation where there’s seems to be no way.

The slogan (OLUWA IS TOO MUCH) brought back a dead soul to life and it became a reality and a name to be remembered. We have numerous names which the globe calls HIM.










All of these are the same in meaning but different translations in a various countriesOUR AIMS:is


  1. New King James Holy Bible
  2. One Carton Of Eva Water

It was formerly known as Oluwa Family Foundation. This was later changed to ROFF to awaken the youth for peace and progress

This organization was establish to unite the people, especially the youth, regardless of religion, colour, language, race or tribe

Our Mission

We the R.O.F.F are guided by a spiritual belief that everyone has a purpose on this earth and that we are called to serve in one  capacity or the other , We also believed in the power of gratitude such  as prayers , visitation, charity and motivation to serve humanity .

Our  mission is to act as an instrument of positive change for total emancipation of our youth mental slavery towards community and  nation building .

Our Vision

Our youth, elders and the elite class. We shall  utilize our  Humbleness and ONELOVE strategy to build unity , trust , respect and confident  among the youth and our elders and elite class .

 We shall promotes cultures and traditions for tourism,  eradicate crime and create enabling environment for investment that will create, skills,  jobs and social integration  to ensure that our community  is loving, peaceful  and calm.

 Towards this effort, our workforce  is productive and positive,  And our community is responsive and growing.

Through this medium we shall focus on R.O.F.F ideology to provide a prosperous  platform  , self confidence and  positive role model for our youth in future.

The Impact

With the huge negative influence of our youth today on crime and unemployment ,   R.O.F.F has impacted the youth with ONELOVE,   peaceful coexistence among each other , Ghetto Education,  Scriptures  reasoning , Humbleness , prison visitation , Charity, Hospitality, self employment , Mind Control ,  Community Service / ROFF sanitation ,entertainment , craft , art and culture.

More Insight

  • Furthermore, R.O.F.F and her Reincarnation  ideology shall remain a blessing to the Ancient people of ARODI  clan and the world  in general.
  • ARODI is the throne of the MOST HIGHEST KING  OF UNIVERSE  from the rising of the sun  in Biafraland.
  • ARODI is the 6th son of GAD the son of JACOB  our great grandfather , but because of the place of his worship called CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA SYNAGOUGE  which was the first Synagogue in the west Africa and  later renamed as Long Juju by the colonial Master from Britain .
  •  Meanwhile for the interest of the fruitful  testimonies from those who visited Arodi kingdom for  pilgrimage at that time,   the name was later changed  to Arochukwu as it is today (Genesis 46 Verse 16).

Our Focus

So they will not resort to crime for their survival. We seek to occupy their mind set with good thoughts. We  shall focus on ONELOVE Community and Youth  Development  in order to eradicate crime and violence among our society because an Idle youth is a devil workshop . Youth idleness had created insecurity and violence in our society ( 1 John 4:18) .  Our government  and political class spent so much money on security and luxuries  ,  but neglected the  well being of the youth . (Psalm 127:4)

But not all the youth will be patient enough to wait for eternity after their concocted  education , so they must resort to crime to make survive . (Ecclesiastes 11:10)

We hereby plead to our  Eze’s, religious class , Title holders . Elite brothers and sisters  both at home and in Diaspora , political class ,  parents , friend and well wishers to support this initiatives by investing on the youth  through R.O.F.F  the only  trusted  Family  to  bring  happiness to the angry youth  and seek to  for their wellbeing .

This is a call for humanity because if only your family are bless and others remain cursed , then you are also cursed .  If only you remained rich and others are poor, you also is poor because all are vanity without love.

So many of our people spend their money alone with their family without helping anyone or carry the youth along  and after their exit in this world  their family cannot face the challenges so they resort on selling their late father’s properties and fight against each other until they squander it.

As we all know  today that Government of Ghetto youth, Brothel or Cathouse  are growing everyday due  to unemployment, negligent  and government inability to plan for the future of the youth  , This is why we voluntarily launch Ghetto education  , Mind Control and scriptures reasoning for the youth to discover their talent and  occupy the mind set  with good thought  to hold on to the future.

Our God shall reward you for supporting his good work.

Oluwa is too much