The Impact

With the huge negative influence of our youth today on crime and unemployment ,   R.O.F.F has impacted the youth with ONELOVE,   peaceful coexistence among each other , Ghetto Education,  Scriptures  reasoning , Humbleness , prison visitation , Charity, Hospitality, self employment , Mind Control ,  Community Service / ROFF sanitation ,entertainment , craft , art and culture.

  • Furthermore, R.O.F.F and her Reincarnation  ideology shall remain a blessing to the Ancient people of ARODI  clan and the world  in general.
  • ARODI is the throne of the MOST HIGHEST KING  OF UNIVERSE  from the rising of the sun  in Biafraland. 
  • ARODI is the 6th son of GAD the son of JACOB  our great grandfather , but because of the place of his worship called CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA SYNAGOUGE  which was the first Synagogue in the west Africa and  later renamed as Long Juju by the colonial Master from Britain .
  •  Meanwhile for the interest of the fruitful  testimonies from those who visited Arodi kingdom for  pilgrimage at that time,   the name was later changed  to Arochukwu as it is today (Genesis 46 Verse 16).